Wild rice In Central Europe

Indianrice Ltd. - image film from kraftbp on Vimeo.

Indián Rizs Ltd. is the sole producer of wild rice in the E.U. supplying wild rice to many top European brands for blending with other rices and as a gourmet ingredient in a wide range of dry and prepared foods.

Gathered by Northern American Indians for millennia as a staple of their diet, wild rice has always been prized for its nutty taste and excellent nutrition. Largely field cultivated today, wild rice is a nutritious gourmet complement to modern healthy diets.

With extensive water resources, a favorable climate and close access to European markets, the rice fields of the central Danubian Plain in Hungary are an ideal setting for low-input production of wild rice.

In operation for more than thirty years, Indián Rizs Ltd. with its subsidiary, Indián Rizs Agro, are a vertically integrated unit including seed propagation, wild rice farming and processing in a state of the art rice mill.

The company meets and often exceeds EU and industry standards for food production including health and safety procedures and input traceability.